How Much Do Maine Coons Cost?

The Maine Coon has been a much-loved breed for many years, but how much do Maine Coons cost?

Originating from Maine, the United States, these big-boned muscular cats are often referred to as ‘gentle giants’ due to their larger-than-average sizing and sociable nature.

Maine Coon cats cost between $400-$2000 (£325 – £1623). The average price for a purebred Maine Coon kitten is $1000 (£811). This cost increases to $2000 (£1600), depending on quality, timely vaccination history, certifications, and pedigree status. Non-neutered, non-spayed kittens. Show Maine Coons command higher prices. Older Maine Coons cost $600 (£487).

However, as one of the more expensive cat breeds available, you should prepare yourself for the larger-than-average Maine Coon Price!

Why Are Maine Coons So Expensive?

Despite being one of the most loved breeds in the United States, many people often do not purchase the Maine Coon cat breed because the initial outlay is just too expensive.

Realistically, you have to be prepared to pay an average of $1000 (£811) for a Maine Coon kitten.

This initial outlay is incredibly expensive when compared to the $50-$100 (£41-£81) you would need to pay should you purchase a non-pedigree kitten or cat from a shelter.

It is possible to get a cheaper Maine Coon for roughly $400 (£325), but if buying so cheaply, make sure you make additional checks before handing over your hard-earned cash.

For example, medical checks for the more common conditions suffered by Maine Coons, such as hip dysplasia, kidney diseases, or heart diseases.

You should also check the kitten’s pedigree status, as a $400 (£325) Maine Coon kitten is not likely to be purebred.

Here are some examples of why the Maine Coon price is more than the average cat:

1. Breeder And Kitten Registration Costs

Breeders are required to register the pedigree status of kittens.

2. Initial Purchase Cost

The breeder needs to purchase perfect purebred Maine Coon male and female cats, with the required attributes.

For example:

3. Vaccination

Kittens are vaccinated before being sold

4. Premium Diet

Kittens fed a diet of premium cat food i.e. Royal Canin.

This is the best food for your Maine Coon kitten or cat.

5. Larger space

Maine Coon breeders need an additional room where two Coons selected for breeding can ‘meet’, and reproduce.

Cats destined to be bred are also kept as indoor cats, to prevent reproduction with a non-purebred cat.

6. Larger Accessories

Larger scratching posts, cat beds, and cat trees are more expensive.

These are my favorite extra-large cat trees.

7. Additional Medical Screenings 

Extra screening costs are incurred by breeders, to ensure cats at healthy and able to breed.

8. Vet Pregnancy Test

If the cat is pregnant, a premium nutrient-dense diet plan is given to the pregnant cat, to give her more energy.

This specialized feed also contains the required nutrients and minerals that the unborn kittens need to grow correctly.

9. High Breeding Costs

Maine Coons are more pricey because the breeder’s costs are higher than those of an average cat breeder.

Below is a breakdown of the main costs breeders incur:

DescriptionAverage Cost (Per Cat)
US Registration with either:
Cat Fanciers Association
The International Cat Association
American Cat Association (ACA)
ACA Costs: $10 (£8)
Application $10 (£8) per
kitten (source 1)
Purchase Cost Of Purebred
Male and Female Coon
$800 – $2000
(£649 – £1622)
Veterinary Care And Vaccines$110 – $550
(£89 – £446)
(source 1)
Microchipped$45 (£36) (source 1)
Furniture Replacement
(due to marking of territory)
Breeder Preference
Large Living Space To
House Maine Coons
Breeder Preference
Premium Maine Coon Food
i.e. Royal Canin
$30 – $55 (£24 – £45)
Per bag of Royal Canin dry
food (Buy On Amazon)
Large Cat Trees and
Scratch Posts
$150 – $399
(£122 – £324)
(Buy on Amazon)
Cat Treats$10 – $100 (£8 – £81) (source 1)
Cat Bed$20 – $100 (£16 – £81)(source 1)
How Much Do Maine Coon Cats Cost?

Are Adult Maine Coons Cheaper?

If you are desperate to own a Maine Coon, but have a smaller budget then you should consider buying an adult Maine Coon. An adult Coon will cost you approximately $600 (£487).

Be prepared for pre-existing medical conditions, or even unexpected medical issues that could quickly run up large unexpected veterinary bills.

With this in mind, I recommend you make buying pet insurance a priority.

In my personal opinion, I feel that giving a home to an older cat is a worthwhile cause.

However, before making a purchase you should pay particular attention to the lifestyle this cat has lived to date, and determine if it would be a good fit for your family.

For instance, if the Maine Coon has not grown up around young children it may not be able to cope with the non-stop noise and buzz of activity that young children make.

This could result in unwanted temperament changes in the Maine Coon, destructive behavior, or emotional and physical distress.

What To Look For When Buying A Maine Coon

So you have fallen in love with the Maine Coon breed and spent hours scrolling the internet looking at hundreds of Maine Coon kittens for sale.

If you are feeling a little stressed out and confused by this process, do not worry!

Purchasing an animal can often be a pretty daunting process because there are so many options available to you.

If this sounds like you, take a look at my Ask The Breeder questions below:

Before rushing out to buy one of these big gentle giants, here is what to look for to avoid being scammed, or tricked into purchasing a mixed-breed cat at extortionate fees.

1. Avoid Pet Shops

Maine Coons are an expensive cat breed. A knock-on effect of this is that many scammers like to breed Maine Coon cats due to their higher-than-average profit margin.

I recommend you avoid Pet Shops entirely because the majority of certified Maine Coon breeders do not like to sell their treasured cat breed via these storefronts. 

If you purchase the Coon via a Pet Shop, you will be unable to see the cat’s parents or the home setting where the young kittens were raised. 

2. Visit The Home Setting (Or Facetime)

The best way to get a feel for your future Maine Coon, is by visiting the home where it was raised (if possible).

This process is key because you get to see your kitten in its natural environment, and hopefully, get to see the kitten’s parents.

Backyard breeders are often filtered out during this process but be mindful that many legitimate breeders now also do not offer open-house policies due to a recent spate of kitten theft.

What you can do though, is have a Facetime or Zoom call with the breeder where they are then able to show you the kitten in great detail i.e. their behavior, personality, size, etc.

3. Vaccination History

Ask the breeder for a vaccination history of the Maine Coon kitten. A more timely record will likely increase the Maine Coon price.

4. Pedigree Status And Certification

Purebred Maine Coons will set you back anywhere between $400 – $2000 (£324 – £1600). Never pay less than $400 (£324) for a purebred kitten, as its lineage is likely to not be purebred.

If buying a non-purebred Maine Coon isn’t an issue for you, expect to pay significantly less for the kitten.

Before buying the Maine Coon, make sure the breeder provides you with certification documents from a recognized veterinary doctor.

These certificates are extremely important because they prove that vaccines were delivered to the kitten promptly.

Additionally, the certifications also help you validate the pedigree status of the cat, whilst also providing more granular information about the Maine Coon’s genetic quality.

Please note, the Maine Coon price will increase, the more vaccines it has been given.

If a breeder is unable to provide a valid certification for the Maine Coon, do not buy from them.

5. Lilac Or Chocolate Breeds

Please be aware that lilac and chocolate cats are excluded from the Maine Coon Pedigree breed.

If you fall in love with one of these cats, make sure that you are not paying the premium full-breed Maine Coon price.

Read this comprehensive list of approved Maine Coon cat colors and patterns.

6. Neutered Or Spayed

If you are hoping to breed your Maine Coon, make sure you check that the kitten has not been neutered or spayed!

You should expect the Maine Coon price to be higher for kittens or cats that have not undergone this process.

This is the best age to neuter a Maine Coon kitten.

7. Research The Breeder

Most businesses operate online these days, so you can do a little bit of online digging into your potential seller, to check that they are legit before purchasing a Maine Coon.

Look at the following aspects:

a) Social Media Presence

Does your breeder have a Facebook Page, Instagram channel, etc? Do they regularly update their pages, offering advice and tips?

b) Check Breeder Registration

Double-check the breeder’s registration credentials. Don’t just rely on the fact they state they are registered.

c) Business Reviews

Check online business reviews to see others’ experiences of the breeder. If the seller offers a low-quality service, you will likely see multiple negative reviews linked to the breeder.

Take a look at the best Maine Coon cat breeders in the United States, in this guide.

Where To Find Free Maine Coon Kittens

There’s no denying that Maine Coons are pretty expensive, so if you are keen to get the scoop on where to find free Maine Coon kittens, read this article.

Maine Coon Lifespan

The Maine Coon cat is considered to be an exceptionally hardy and healthy cat breed.

These gentle giants live for an average of 12-15 years, though these famous Maine Coons have lived for considerably longer.


Maybe you consider us Maine Coon lovers crazy for spending so much on our adorable cats, or maybe you do not.

Whatever your thoughts, the expensive Maine Coon price just isn’t going to change!

This sought-after cat breed has been popular for many decades, to such an extent that it is the State Cat of Maine, United States.

If you are looking for a companion, a Maine Coon is priceless. They are incredibly loyal, playful, and affectionate, and rarely like to leave your side.

When we first moved home, our Maine Coon even went for a walk with me around the block, without even wearing a leash!! People must have thought me crazy!

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