How Tall Can A Maine Coon Get?

One of the reasons people love Maine Coon cats so much is down to their stunning beauty, and let’s not forget their large distinctive size!

But, if you are worried about bringing a large cat home, then perhaps you are also curious about how tall can a Maine Coon get? Today, we invite readers to find out!

When it comes to domestic cat breeds, the Maine Coon is amongst the tallest in the world. Male Maine Coons measure 10-16 inches in height. Female Maine Coons are slightly smaller, reaching 8 – 14 inches tall. Their thick dense fur makes them look even taller. Due to their heritage, a Maine Coon will be physically larger than most felines.

Both male and female Maine Coon cats will grow to be tall.

Part of being a responsible pet owner is doing research on the Maine Coon cat breed qualities and physical traits, before buying a Maine Coon kitten.

So, let’s learn more about the Maine Coon cat to gain a greater understanding of its impressive size.

How Tall Can A Maine Coon Cat Get?

The Maine Coon cat has a very mysterious history, full of folktales and intrigue.

Whilst some folktales claim the Maine Coon is the descendant of Viking cats, also known as ‘Norwegian Skogkatt’, other rumors suggest this previously wild cat breed has raccoon DNA!

If you’ve not already guessed, the latter of these two folktales is false and has been deemed impossible by scientists across the world.

Wherever these tall cats appeared from, what we do know is that stroking the soft fur of a fluffy Maine Coon cat is very relaxing!

The best part is that you also do not have to reach too far down to reach them since the Maine Coon is a tall cat breed.

Thanks to their tall stature, Maine Coon cats are often at the perfect petting level.

Although no one knows for sure where the Maine Coon originated (this is what we do know), one thing all Maine Coon enthusiasts agree on is that these are massive cats, since they weigh up to 25 lbs!

Compared to a normal cat that maxes out at between 9 – 10 inches tall, a Maine Coon will range anywhere from 8 – 16 inches, depending on the cat’s gender.

If you fancy learning more about the Maine Coon Cat Size Vs Normal Cat, read our guide.

Generally speaking, male Maine Coons tend to be taller than female Maine Coon cats.

However, it is possible for a female Maine Coon to be extra-tall, and a male Maine Coon to be extra-short, therefore resulting in a female Maine Coon growing taller than a male Maine Coon!

This is not a common occurrence though. Learn more about Maine Coon size, in this article.

Male Maine Coon Height In CM, Inches, And Feet

To figure out how tall your four-legged friend will grow, take a look at the following male Maine Coon size chart by age.

For convenience, we have listed Maine Coon height in CM as well as inches.

Those of you wondering how tall can a Maine Coon cat get in feet can also use this chart.

1 Week3.58.890.291
1 Month4.511.430.375
6 Months8.521.590.708
9 – 12
4 – 5
10 – 1625.4
– 40.64
– 1.33
Male Maine Coon Height In CM, Foot And Inches

Female Maine Coon Height

The table below shows a female Maine Coon size chart by age.

Once again, we have listed the female Maine Coon height in CM, Inches and Feet, for ease of reference:

1 Week3.58.890.291
1 Month410.160.33
6 Months717.780.583
9 – 12
4 – 5
8 – 1420.32
– 35.56
– 1.166
Female Maine Coon Height In CM, Foot And Inches

The Maine Coon kitten size charts shown above, list the average Maine Coon height you can expect your Maine Coon kitten or cat to grow to once fully grown at age 3-5 years.

To give you an idea of just how astonishingly tall Maine Coon cats are, here is a funny Maine Coon list of everyday objects that are roughly the same height as a Maine Coon:

Maine Coon
Cat Age
How Tall Are
Maine Coons?
NewbornCan Of Soup
1 Month OldToilet Paper Roll
6 Month Old5 Toothpicks
4 – 5 Years OldBowling Pin
What Is A Maine Coon As Tall As?

Maine Coon Size Compared To Normal Cat

Next, let’s talk about a Maine Coon vs normal cat size to give you a true appreciation for just how tall Maine Coon cats grow.

Whilst the Maine Coon breed can reach between 8 – 16 inches tall, a normal house cat usually only grows to 10 inches in height. 

How is that possible? After all, aren’t all cats the same species?

Well, whilst all cat breeds do share some similar qualities, the Maine Coon is slightly more unique.

Most cat breeds have been domesticated for countless decades, but this is not the case for the Maine Coon cat breed, which only became domesticated in recent history!

Whilst living in the wild, the large Maine Coon developed great hunting skills, and a thick dense semi-water repellent fur coat to keep them warm and dry in the most frigid winter climates.

Unlike other cat breeds, the Maine Coon physique is one of strength.

Once upon a time, they chased mice and roamed the chilly outdoors.

Therefore, they are muscular with broad chests, and have:

  • Round paws
  • Large fluffy tufted ears
  • Long, shaggy fur
  • Semi-water-repellent fur

Their body shape is different, too since Maine Coons look more rectangular than ‘normal cats’.

What Is The Biggest A Maine Coon Cat Can Get?

So, how big is an average Maine Coon cat?

The size of a Maine Coon cat ultimately depends on a variety of different factors, including their lineage and gender.

The average Maine Coon cat (male or female) will grow to the following length, height and weight:

  • Maine Coon length: 19 – 40 inches
  • Maine Coon height: 8 -16 inches
  • Maine Coon weight: 8 – 25 lbs

If you are interested in discovering what is the biggest a Maine Coon cat can get, though, keep reading!

According to the Guinness World Records, the biggest Maine Coon on record for length was a beautiful gray tabby Maine Coon from Nevada named Stewie.

He stretched a whopping 48.5 inches long!

The winner of the largest Maine Coon weight goes to a big Maine Coon boy named Ludo, who clocked in at 34 lbs.

Considering most Maine Coons do not grow larger than 25 lbs, this is pretty big!

At What Age Is A Maine Coon Cat Fully Grown?

Maine Coons stop growing between the ages of 3 – 5 years.

Their fastest growth spurt periods occur prior to 9-10 months of age, so their size at this point will give you a good indication of just how big your Maine Coon cat will ultimately grow.

Your cat will likely get a wee bit heavier but not noticeably longer or taller.

However, if your cat doesn’t look like they’ve grown into their paws or ears yet (they still have over-sized paws and ears), they might surprise you by growing far bigger than expected!

How Much Is A Maine Coon Cat?

Okay, so you have fallen head over heels in love with Maine Coons. That’s wonderful!

Before rushing out to buy a Maine Coon kitten, hit pause for a second since it is important to honestly evaluate if you are both financially and emotionally ready for this huge commitment.

Medical Bills

Maine Coons are NOT cheap, and if not adequately insured their medical bills can quickly stretch into many thousands.

As an example, a cat surgeon quoted us $8,500 for our Maine Coon to be given ONE new hip, in 2022. Potentially he might need TWO new hips in the future though.

Our Maine Coon cat’s condition is not severe enough to need new hips, yet, but our pet insurance company has already decided they won’t cover these bills as the year’s insurance is up.

It’s been an important lesson, to only ever buy lifetime cover for our Maine Coon cats moving forward. Whilst this is more expensive, potential medical bills can also be crippling if not insured.

High Social Needs

Maine Coon cats require high levels of human interaction so you need to make sure you purchase two Maine Coon kittens to keep each other company.

Alternatively, you ideally need a job that doesn’t take you away for extended periods of time, from your home.


A Maine Coon cats monthly food bill also doesn’t come cheap, if you are committed to feeding them only the best Maine Coon diet which is high in protein, etc.

Maine Coon Purchase Cost

How much is a big Maine Coon cat, exactly?

If purchased from a registered Maine Coon cat breeder, budget anywhere between $400-$2500 USD.

The price will ultimately depend upon factors such as the cats pedigree status, veterinary history, coloring, and age.

Other Costs

Don’t forget to add on:

  • Annual veterinary bills
  • Food
  • Grooming equipment
  • Litter
  • Scratching posts
  • Maine Coon cat toys
  • Insurance
  • Flea Treatment

Why Not Adopt A Maine Coon?

Are Maine Coon cats worth it? The simple answer is YES!

If you dream of sharing your home with a Maine Coon, but are not a fan of the hefty price tag for a newborn Maine Coon kitten, consider Maine Coon adoption.

Sadly, Maine Coons do end up in shelters.

The good news, however, is that this makes it possible for you to find a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix waiting to be rescued. You just have to be patient and keep looking.

Learn more about Maine Coon adoption here.

Sometimes, animal welfare organizations will even pay for basic cat care, like:

  • Vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Spay/Neuter

Click here to browse Maine Coon Rescue Centers By US State!


There you have it, a thorough answer to the question, of how tall can a Maine Coon cat get, plus a handy guide to measuring your Maine Coon’s height throughout it’s different life stages.

No matter how big, medium, or small your Maine Coon ends up being, one thing we are certain of is that these cats have truly giant hearts.   

Related Questions

How Big Will A Half Maine Coon Cat Get?

Generally, purebreds will grow bigger than those of mixed lineage. It’s impossible to predict a Maine Coon mixes final size. However, the smaller the other 50% parent is, the more modestly sized cat genetics, your cat may have.

What Size Cat Carrier For A Maine Coon?

When traveling with a Maine Coon, opt for an extra-large cat carrier. Your cat needs to be able to comfortably stand, sit, and turn around. One and a half times the size of your Maine Coon is recommended.

Do All Maine Coons Get Big?

No. Genetic factors such as dwarfism can be passed on. Similarly, illness, a low-quality diet, or nutrient deficiencies can stunt growth. The so-called ‘runt of the litter’ might not grow as big as its siblings.

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