Why Does My Maine Coon Stare At Me?

You may be wondering why does my Maine Coon stare at me, but don’t worry; you’re not alone! Many cat owners (myself included) are curious about a variety of behaviors in their cats.

Maine Coon cats stare at their owners for a few different reasons, but it is rarely a cause for concern. Cats usually stare out of curiosity of the world around them, or as a way to remain alert. Your Maine Coon might also stare at you to remind you that it’s feeding time, or that it wants attention.

We, humans, have a multitude of complex communication methods, and it makes sense that cats do, as well.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to understand just what is going through your cat’s head.

Of course, the answer is not as cut and dry as that.

Cats are complex creatures, and there are other reasons why your Maine Coon might stare at you, as well.

Read on to discover all of the fascinating reasons why your Maine Coon is staring at you!

Later on in the article, we will also cover a few other cat behaviors that you might be curious about.

Why Does My Maine Coon Stare At Me?

In humans, staring for long periods of time at another person is considered rude, or even creepy. For this reason, it can be unsettling when your cat focuses its eyes on you so intently.

Here are the main reasons why a Maine Coon will stare at you or another person.

1. Your Cat Is Hungry

If your Maine Coon is staring at you, the first thing you should do is check that your cat has plenty of food and water!

Staring is one of the ways cats communicate they are out of food.

If your cat appears agitated while staring at you, or if you notice that it is near feeding time, this is one of the most likely reasons why your cat is staring at you.

2. Curiosity

As fascinating as we find our cats, they must think of us as even more absurd!

Oftentimes, if your cat is staring at you, it is because they are curious about what you are doing. This is especially true if you are involved in an activity such as making dinner or building a shelf.

3. Remaining Alert

In the wild, cats have to be aware of their environment at all times.

If you find your cat staring at you intently, it could be because it is keeping tabs on everything in its environment, just like its wild ancestors.

4. Requesting Attention

Cats may not ask for attention in the same way that dogs do, but they are quite affectionate creatures when you get to know them.

Sometimes, cats stare at their owners when they want attention.

5. Distrust

If you have just adopted a cat, or if a stranger comes to visit, your cat might stare out of distrust.

If your cat appears frightened or tense while staring at you or a stranger, you should give your cat some space.

Don’t make any sudden movements around the cat that could scare it further.

Don’t worry, though; with patience and love, your cat will learn to trust you over time.

Maine Coon Kitten Staring

Kittens are just as likely to stare at their owners as adult cats.

Typically, a kitten will stare for all the same reasons as adult cats.

Another possible reason that a kitten might stare at you is that it is looking for security. If a cat is confused or scared by something in its environment, it might look to you for assurance.

If you notice this behavior in your kitten, especially after a loud noise or something new occurs in its environment, make sure you let your kitten know that you are there to protect it.

Why Do Maine Coon Cats Stare At Each Other?

Apart from staring at their owners, Maine Coon cats might also stare at one another.

If you happen to notice your cats staring at each other, the reasons can often be different from when your cat is staring at you.

Here are the two main reasons Maine Coon cats might stare at each other.

1. Being Territorial

Cats have a territorial streak in them, and if your Maine Coon feels as though someone is encroaching too far into its space, it might stare at the offender.

If this behavior is followed by flattened ears and hissing, you’ll know your cat is telling another cat to back off.

2. Establishing Dominance

Sometimes, cats can get into “staring contests” with one another.

The first cat to look away is viewed as the subservient one in the relationship, whereas the winner is more dominant.

In general, cats staring at each other is a bit more aggressive than if a cat is staring at its owner.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me And Purr?

Purring is a way that cats show affection, or that they are content.

If your cat stares at you while purring, this is generally a display of trust and love. It could also be your cat’s way of requesting attention.

If your cat starts staring at you while purring, you should make sure to give your kitty some affection!

Why Does My Cat Stare At The Wall?

If you notice your cat staring off into space, it’s only natural to feel a bit concerned. However, this is typical cat behavior.

1. Hunting

A cat that is staring intently at a wall or floor with its ears forward is almost certainly practicing its stalking techniques.

Even if your cat doesn’t pounce, remaining extremely focused on one area for a long period of time is how cats hunt in the wild, and your cat is recreating that behavior in your home.

2. Remaining Alert

Cats are predators, and as such, they have to remain alert to their environment at all times.

Your Maine Coon might be staring at the walls or other parts of your house to keep tabs on everything in its environment.

3. Resting

If your cat’s eyes are half-closed and it is sitting comfortably, your cat might just be staring off into space. In this case, your cat is simply resting.

4. Hyperesthesia

This is a rare condition that sometimes occurs in cats and kittens.

If your cat engages in manic behavior, such as running wildly around the house, grooming itself excessively, and then stares at the wall before becoming manic again, your cat might suffer from hyperesthesia.

If you suspect your cat has this condition, you should seek treatment from your vet.

Other Maine Coon Behavior Traits

Aside from staring, Maine Coons have plenty of other behaviors that might be difficult to understand.

Here are some other behavior traits that Maine Coons can exhibit.

1. Slow Blinking

A cat that blinks slowly at you is showing you the ultimate form of love and affection among cats.

By slow blinking, your cat signals that it trusts you enough to have its eyes closed around you.

If your Maine Coon blinks slowly at you, you will know that your cat loves you! You should respond to this behavior by blinking slowly back, so your cat knows you feel the same way.

2. Kneading

Have you ever noticed your cat “making biscuits” on a blanket, couch, or even on you?

This is a common and adorable cat behavior, but few know where it comes from.

When kittens are still breastfeeding, they will knead their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow.

When an adult cat kneads you, it means they are just as happy as they were in kittenhood.

3. Purring

Cats use purring as an important form of communication.

When kittens are born, they are unable to see or hear. Their mothers purr so that their kittens can sense the vibrations and find their mother.

In adulthood, purring is a sign of deep contentment. However, some people also believe that cats purr to calm themselves down when they are stressed or injured.

If your cat is purring, it is probably just happy.

If you suspect something is wrong, however, keep an eye out for other body language that indicate your cat is upset, and take your cat to the vet immediately if you suspect it is injured.

4. Zoomies

“Zoomies” is the affectionate term cat owners give when their cat goes crazy, usually around the middle of the night.

While the exact reason for these zoomies is unknown, the behavior is hard to miss. Your cat might jump up out of nowhere and then start racing around the house, or up and down the stairs!

This behavior is entertaining to watch, but it might be annoying when you’re trying to sleep.


Many cat owners wonder why does my Maine Coon stare at me?

It can be difficult to learn all of the behaviors and body language of your feline companion but learning more about why your cat acts the way it does helps build a better bond between you and your cat.

Many Maine Coon habits are still a mystery today, but a Maine Coon staring at you is at least one mystery that has been solved.

If your cat is staring at you, it is usually looking for attention, affection, or food. In other cases, your cat might stare to express curiosity or distrust.

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